YES, You Can Give Your Children All They Need To Have A Successful Future As Confident, Happy, Positive Adults

Learn how to build your child’s confidence, motivate, encourage, and equip your child for adulthood.

You’ve Seen What Happens When Most People Get Older…

  • They make all the wrong choices
  • They don’t understand their worth or value
  • Depression has a stronghold over them
  • They are afraid to take opportunities because they feel undeserving
  • They lack emotional intelligence
  • They don’t know their own selves

These early years are the most precious moments of your child’s life. Not because your kids are at their cutest, but because everything they learn or experience shapes who they become.

What are you teaching them now?

Don't Get Me Wrong, You’re Doing Great, BUT It Might Not Be Enough…

In your eyes, you could be a great parent and for many, the definition of a great parent is someone who can:

    Provide their child’s basic needs such as housing, clothing, food

    Help with homework and show both support and presence in their education

    Taking your kids on trips

    Saying the occasional ‘I love you’

    These are a must and they’re great, but your child also needs to understand their value and be equipped for happy, courageous adulthood.

      What’s The Future You Want For Your Child?

      Does it look something like having confidence in who they are, understanding themselves enough to make the right choices most of the time, not being afraid to take opportunities, feeling comfortable expressing their thoughts and emotions, and spreading their positivity to others who weren’t as lucky, fulfilling their purpose, being able to recognize their self-worth, and much more?

      This is a beautiful future and one your kids will thank you for!

      What You’ll Learn Inside I Am Loved Program

      How to affirm your children so they can recognize their importance and value on the earth. Self-esteem is a priceless treasure.

      How to effectively communicate with your children so they can feel heard and validated.

      How to create space for your children to express their emotions and then show them how to self-regulate to remain calm. Emotional Intelligence is a life skill.

      How to identify areas of growth in your child’s thinking to redirect their thoughts into positive ones.

      Building their self-esteem every day and understanding that it’s a priceless treasure

      Feeling like they can conquer the world.

      It helps them to establish healthy relationships and effective communication with others as they grow into adulthood.

      It gets them to understand their worth and gives them the boldness to take opportunities that will propel them.

      Being so equipped, they can navigate any life challenges in adulthood and they can teach others to do the same.

      It becomes easy to speak positivity into their own lives

      Affirmation Bundle

      Contains 4 core items;

      The affirmation pocket pillow, journal, calming kit, and daily affirmation card.

      ★ I Am Loved affirmation pillow helps you promote rest and comfort and is great for holding sentimental items

      ★ I Am Loved affirmation journal that allows for creative expression of thoughts and feelings. Journaling is an underrated yet powerful way to develop and work through emotions.

      ★ Daily Affirmation cards help your child build self-esteem, positivity, find motivation, and encouragement.

      ★ Calming Kits gives your child activities and techniques to help  self regulate their emotions.

      (Value $197)

      Online Course

      (Course Access in July)

      This course built for parents will teach you how to empower your kids with confidence, emotional growth, and much more. You’ll be able to learn at your own pace and also get access to;

      ★ Confidence-building activities.

      ★ Workbook journal.

      ★ Teachings on: How to help regulate emotions, Why building confidence is so important, and The importance of affirmations – plus a list of affirmations.

      ★ Man in the mirror confidence activities.

      ★ Affirmation Breathing techniques.

      ★ Gratitude Journaling

      (Value $597)

      6 Months Private Online Community

      Parenting is never easy and when you’re trying to give your child the absolute best empowerment, you, too, would need some support.

      Inside I Am Loved, you’ll get access to a 6-month private online community where you’ll get access to;

      ★ Monthly group zoom sessions and discussions with parents.

      ★ Learn from professionals & special guests.

      ★ Monthly group zoom confidence-building sessions with the children.

      ★ Get your specific questions answered

      (Value $697)

      See what others are saying about I Am Loved

      I'm a Social Entrepreneur and Child Education Specialist with vast years of experience in helping children develop valuable Life Skills for seamless inclusion into society. 

      As a mother of three, I understand the mental, emotional, and psychological struggles children go through while discovering their Self Identity. This unique insight, and a background in Early Childhood Education, led me to create the IamLoved Program for kids and parents.

      The IamLoved Program is my holistic guide to Transformational Development for kids that leave them feeling fulfilled, equipped, and ready to handle life's toughest challenges.

      My passion for Confidence Building in children has allowed me to help hundreds of kids become better versions of themselves over the years, and I'm eager to bring that passion and wealth of experience to bear in helping yours too.

      I'm sure you're thinking...

      I’ve seen other programs that teach how to build kids' confidence, how is yours different?

      Reading tools and resources are great to have, but sometimes we need tangible items and a community to walk with us hand in hand. This is why offering just a course isn’t going to work for us. We know that having tangible affirmations, and tangible daily reminders as they walk through this process will help them along the way.

      Is it possible to order the items individually?

      The short answer is yes. Click below to place an order for the item(s) you would like to purchase individually. Keep in mind that in order to really get the best out of the I Am Loved Program we strongly encourage you to purchase the program as a whole, you even get discounts when you do.

      Affirmation Bundle Only

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      Private Online Community


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